February fun – Bahama Style

Each year a group of Nashville Songwriters come to Hope Town for a week. Many write Grammy winning songs for all the big country singers. They play at several different venues, all for free (although they do pass the hat to benefit local charities). This day when we went to hear them at the Abaco Inn, they auctioned off a guitar signed by all the Songwriters. There was a bidding war and the bid got up to $12,000!! They told the two people that they would get a second guitar, have it signed and they could each have one! They raised $24,000.00 for Friends of the Environment in one afternoon!!! There certainly are visitors to the Bahamas with bigger pocketbooks than ours!

My friend Debra took this shot of a few of the “big guys” arriving while our local fisherman was cleaning fish at the marina. Don’t like to think about where they hide out when they’re not at the marina…

The sunsets just never get old here!

A good catch!

Happy Valentines Day❤️

Fun times with John, Debra and Willow at On da Beach

I got involved in the “Zero Waste Project” here in Hope Town. We cut out 195 bags all from donated scrap fabrics. Another few days I ironed straps (about 300) that will be sewn on the reusable grocery bags. Their goal is to eliminate one time use plastics.

My laundry pal

Really enjoying our winter here in the Bahamas. Our friend, Linda, is arriving in a couple days so hopefully we can be out sailing, doing the Abaco shuffle!! Only about a month left before we start thinking about crossing back to start the long trek home! 🌴😎⛵️🇧🇸⛱

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Picture Bloggin’

Windy in January😁

Got soaked on my morning walk but it was worth it!

Love the quirkiness of the Bahamas!

Our bike shop now has a new laundromat which offers an honor system, self service coffee and martini bar.

You can buy your grinders and also sip a daiquiri.

All your legal issues can be handled at “Just Tings”

January can be a bit chilly – notice the winter attire

Beach hunting with the girls⛱

Never tire of this Bahama beauty🇧🇸

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Dinghy Trippin’

d1527f2e-05b2-41bc-8fd6-062bc9272adcWe had been waiting for a good day to head out for some lobster hunting and yesterday was the day!  Loaded up the dinghy with wetsuit, mask & snorkel, fins, etc…  we also bring the “look bucket (a joint compound bucket with a clear bottom) to pick out places for Dan to hop in and search.  When I say WE go hunting, I do hope you realize Dan is the one in the water and I am DINGHY GIRL!  I have a very important job.  I stay as close to Dan as possible without risking running him over, just in case any of the “unfriendly “ sharks.  I also hold the bucket out for him to slam dunk the lobsters.  Yesterday, his first dive in, he came up and said there were a couple of nurse sharks down on the bottom.  He is comfortable being in the water with them but they’re still pretty creepy!  Unlike the many days he finds the lobster in shallow areas, today he had to dive in about 15 feet of water.  We discovered many places where there were, unfortunately, no lobsters but eventually hit a good spot.  Yeah!!  He really worked hard but pulled up 4 good sized ones!!  Another mile or so north he went back to one of his old spots he likes to check and got one more!

We don’t think twice about going far in the dinghy on a light air, smooth sea day.  We had such a great day and went 4 miles to the next island (Man O War) and back.  Stocked the freezer!  Now what to do??  Coconut Curry Lobster???????????????



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A little Bahama Beauty on my walk





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Island Living….

We take so much for granted living in the US with all our amenities –  things like endless water, HOT water, easy trash disposal, groceries, electronics and technology…  We make due with what we have here in the winter in the Bahamas, the price of living in paradise.

We REALLY conserve water on Cutting Class.  That being said, Dan still hauls water from the marina each week @.35/gallon.  Sounds pricey, but if you’re not paying for New England heating oil in the winter, we truly save money while cruising.  I do not have hot water unless we have been motoring – we have solar panels that handle all of our other electrical needs on board.

We have trash disposal here three times a week.  You put your bags in your dinghy and drive it to one of the harbor docks where a cheerful Bahamian takes them and throws it into his truck.  The Bahamas are behind in terms of recycling 😢. Most of the trash is still burnt on a neighboring island and they only recently started recycling aluminum cans.

We have two small grocery stores here in Hope Town.  Many cruisers and dirt dwellers had their extended families visiting during the holidays and completely wiped out the shelves.  Combine that with 30-40 kt winds for a couple days and the barge didn’t bring in supplies.  We certainly have food on the boat from Florida but we were all scrounging for fresh fruit and vegetables.


Lastly, Hope Town still has issues with their electricity.  They have power outages often.  The locals treat this as a way of life and just start up a generator until it comes back on.  I was giving Dan a haircut ashore the other day (trust me, we’ve done it on board and you can never really get rid of the hair!) when the power cut out.  I was about half done.


We gave up after awhile, he wore a hat and we went back the following day to finish up…  The next day I was doing laundry, put it in the dryer and the power went out AGAIN!  No worries mon,  a few minutes later they cranked up the generator and I was good to go.   And, of course, there’s the internet.  It’s bad and your choice is which bad carrier you want to go with from year to year.  But you know, it’s WAY better than it was 8 years ago when we started coming here.

We love you Bahamas for all you are and are not in terms of conveniences!  It’s what makes us keep coming back for this simpler life! (Hope it doesn’t take two days for this blog to send – darn internet!!)

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Happy New Year from Hope Town!!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Phew!  There was a lot of fun to be had around the holidays.  We had a delicious dinner at the  Abaco Inn with a dozen other cruisers on Christmas Day and spent Christmas and New Years Eves aboard Mandalay and Legacy with good food, friendship and live music.

Love, health and happiness to you all❤️🌴⛵️🇧🇸😎



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A Very Merry Christmas to Family and Friends❤️

Merry Christmas!!🎄 Hoping you are all surrounded this Christmas season with those you love.  We have our wonderful winter family here in the Bahamas to celebrate with but can’t say I don’t get homesick for family and friends from up north – have to skip “There’s no place like home for the holidays” in my Christmas music…

Christmas Eve we’ll go to a gathering ashore with cottage friends  and Christmas Day we will enjoy a nice dinner with cruisers.

As they say – Love the Ones Your With!!

Merry Christmas!!⛵️🌴😍😎🇧🇸🎄🎄🎄





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