Home Sweet Home

Well, we made it!! After living through a tornado warning, thunderstorms then winds in the 30’s for the next day, we took off before sunrise for our 85 mile trip from Port Washington to our home port at Shennecossett Yacht Club. It was a long haul back but we are happy to be in the house. It’s the coldest spring we’ve traveled in and it seems the sun only shines every third day or so. We are learning each day what it’s like to be on land with this virus. Be safe and healthy everyone. Will blog again when my fingers thaw….

Home Sweet Home
Where’s the welcoming committee??
Loved seeing Mom & Dana
– even from a distance 😩
Seems like we gained a pet😯
Cuddled up close
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Getting closer but UNCLE on this weather!!!

Motor sailing up the Jersey Shore

We left Atlantic City at 4:15am yesterday to make the 80 mile trip to Atlantic Highlands, inside Sandy Hook, before the winds were forecast to pick up. Not a bad day till we hit the hook with wind opposing current – what a snotty mess!! Anchored outside of Atlantic Highlands for the night and planned our trip through the East River for today. The current would not be with us till 3:30pm so we were able to have a leisurely morning and leave at noon to head up to the Verrazzano and the city. It was a gray day with head winds (of course) but an exciting trip nonetheless. It was quite surreal to enter a virtually empty harbor. Ordinarily, we are dodging ferries, tug & barges, watching helicopters landing and tour boats going by filled with people from all over the world. Glad to see New Yorkers buckling down during this crazy time! We invited some family and friends to watch us on the Brooklyn Bridges webcam since many are home these days… Loved sharing part of our adventure with them! Tonight we are all by ourselves on a mooring in Port Washington, NY.

The forecast tomorrow is for rain, high winds and possibly hail. Planning on staying put! So anxious to be home… Tomorrow the weatherman says it will be 36 degrees with windchills to 27, brrrrrrrr🥶!!! Will likely leave Thursday and do the 85 mile trip all the way home to SYC . What the heck, April?? Where’s my springtime???🌷

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Temperatures dropping each day!!⛵️

Hospital Point, Portsmouth,
VA – Mile 0 of the Intracoastal Waterway. We go south to mile 1018 in Palm Beach, FL
Serious military readiness here in Norfolk area
Incredibly fast military synchronization!
Shoaling in the channel?? Where do we go?? Made it, but VERY shallow!
Tucked in at our friend’s dock during a day of tornado warnings in Annapolis!
Distancing happy hour with
Frank & Mary Marie
All by ourselves at the free dock in
Chesapeake City
FREEZING trip down the Delaware River to Cape May, NJ

Currently sitting in Cape May to wait out yet another blow. Hope to leave for Atlantic City tomorrow and inside of Sandy Hook on Sunday. Really getting closer to home! Pray for good weather for Long Island Sound next week🙏🏻. Stay safe everyone!!⛵️❤️

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Carolina Cruising

Pushing our way north during this pandemic can be a bit tricky. So glad to be out of SC where they STILL haven’t locked things down! North Carolina, gratefully, seems to be taking things more seriously. We did an outside run from Wrightsville Beach to Beaufort/Morehead City to knock off about 70 miles. It was blowing in the 20’s all day and more on the nose than forecast so we were only able to sail a couple hours and motor sailed the rest. Choppy seas made for quite an ugly day… happy to have that leg done, we headed to Oriental, NC.

Did I mention it’s getting chilly?

I’ve been calling ahead to marinas as some are closed or not offering transient dockage. I made a reservation at River Dunes so we could take on water & diesel and get groceries delivered to the dock from their local Piggly Wiggly. We were quarantined to our transient dock, not allowed to go up to their main buildings or the neighborhood road. I walked several laps on the dock just to get some exercise.

We were appreciative of their distancing and hospitality!

As we continue north, our weather has been cooperative, so we should be in Virginia tomorrow. It will be so sad to not be able to visit with my sister and brother-in-law, Beth & Rich, who ordinarily come down from Williamsburg and pick us up for a night or two😟. This is a no socializing, move on home trip.

I hope you are all safe and nourishing your bodies and souls during this difficult time. We’ll be home in a few weeks – would you mind warming it up a bit??

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Just the two of us🎶

What a crazy world we are in! Hope that you are all healthy and safe from this virus. We are still in “get home” mode. We move when Mother Nature allows and sit when she doesn’t. We are currently in Carolina Beach, NC on a mooring for a few nights to let rain and winds pass by.

We felt that people were being responsible and keeping their distance in Charleston, SC, but that all changed as we headed up towards Myrtle Beach. They were having record high temps so everyone who owned a boat was on the ICW. If it were individuals, couples or small families I would get how they wanted to be out and not endanger themselves or others. But that was not the case! There were virtually hundreds of crowded boats, partying on like any other weekend. There will be no flattening of the curve if parts of our country are allowed to be just plain stupid!!

Plans are to shop as little as possible heading north. We need water, diesel & fresh food – that’s it! We will keep to ourselves (which we’re pretty used to) and avoid other humans. We will still try to get some exercise and do some extra communicating with family and friends to help save our sanity.

Throwing in some travel pics and daily sights you might enjoy!! Maybe Virginia will feel more sane!!

Dewy morning.

Turns at the helm

Social distancing in SC – ughhh

A bit of morning beauty⛵️❤️

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Fast Track through Florida

Had an uneventful crossing from the Bahamas to Lake Worth but little did we know the extent to which Covid-19 would effect our plans. Our intention was to rent a car from Vero and see family and friends on the west coast as we always do. Nope, not this year… Lots of fellow cruisers to catch up with. I don’t think so… The most we did was meet at a picnic table with a couple of folks keeping our distance and not sharing food. It became clear pretty quickly that we should just load up the boat and start heading home. First came the grocery store. We arrived when they opened with at least 50 others. We made a plan, like when you go to Disney and want to head to your favorite rides first. Dan went directly to eggs, I went to the chicken. We scored on both but I’d never bought Free Range eggs at $6.50 a dozen, oh well. By the time we left the store there were none left. Stocked on enough to get us to Charleston. Dan topped off the diesel and water and off we went.

We are not planning on visiting with anyone so our current plan is to do long days and our overnight to Charleston. We’ll restock there and hopefully be anchored out for the most part after that.

Basically will feel better to be home. It will still take us about a month if the weather continues to cooperate.

Hope you are all safe and healthy, enjoying some down time!

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Time to start our way home 😢

After over two months in our devastated winter home, it is time to get moving to begin our long trek to Connecticut. We saw some really great progress in Hope Town but with no power and lots more debris to remove and building, they still have a long way to go. Here’s some last pics before we cross.

Signs of progress – rebuilding the clinic, new telephone poles, new fencing for the playground

Last days at school – kids had Miss Phyllis for yoga and made me sweet goodbye cards ❤️

Nice sail leaving Hope Town all the way to Green Turtle Cay. Marguerite joined us for the day.

Frigate birds fly low, it’s gonna blow – and it did!!

Got a nice taste of Green Turtle Cay

Taking off for a three day journey back to the states. Goodbye beautiful Bahamas and keep your spirit strong! ❤️

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Oh… that beautiful water!!

This time of year there are only two types of people in the water in the Abacos – Canadians and Dan. It’s really not that cold but Bahamians certainly won’t go in with the air in the 70’s. Dan got his swims in most days but last week we went up to the small beach that he does laps in front of and a homeowner came out to tell us they’d seen a 7 foot shark cruise up that beach twice that afternoon… Definitely skipping that day!

But the color of the water here in the Bahamas continues to amaze us!

Dan throws on one of his wetsuits when diving for lobsters as he’s in the water over an hour some days. He brought up his biggest one the other day. I’m thinking Lobster Alfredo.


Oh yeah, that’s a whopper!

Oh yeah, that’s a whopper!!

Oh yeah, it was winter here a couple days:)

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A Little of Dis and Dat

There are so many individuals making small and large contributions to our Dorian devastated Hope Town. Locals, cruisers and volunteer groups work EVERY day still patching roofs and shingling. Six months after the storm and there’s still no power on the island. The buzz of generators and the sound of hammers and saws is the new norm. We work each day but also take time to be out on the water and enjoy time with friends.

The company “VANS”, which started out as a maker of canvas sneakers but now makes all kinds of clothing & accessories, came to donate items to all on the island. The owner of the company and his team came into our classroom at Hope Town Primary and did a short presentation about their products and had all the students come down to a lot to choose new sneakers, backpacks, socks, t-shirts, sunglasses and several accessories. You can imagine the excitement! Many of these kids had lost so much in the storm, it was such a treat to have something new!!! Right now there are no stores on the island for buying clothing. What a kind and generous donation by this company!!

Each winter, a group of the best Nashville Songwriters come to Hope Town to entertain and do some big time fundraising for the island. This is certainly a different kind of year but a few of them came anyway and played at the two restaurants that are open. They are such talented musicians and those evenings certainly helped raise everyone’s spirits!!

Dan still hunts when the winds are down and has been getting in his swim workouts many afternoons. I get a walk in whenever I can.

A couple more weeks here and we’ll be looking to head out of Hope Town and up to Green Turtle Cay. The hairdresser here is only doing cuts as her shop was destroyed by the storm. With that in mind, I got tired of wearing a hat every day and dared to use this “touch up” kit. Hoping that I look just like the girl on the box!

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Laundry Day

So, year after year you’ve had to hear me whine about what a pain it was doing laundry in the Bahamas – $6.00 to wash, $6.00 to dry, only cold water no matter what you chose, washers that actually make marks on your laundry and dryers that take more than one cycle.

Well this is a different year! Dan lugs the water and I set myself up at the sink down below – kinda wishing I had a washboard! Washing, ringing out, rinsing. Bleaching whites, rinsing, ringing out. Then I get to bless the harbor with everything hung out on the lifelines, davits and a little clothesline strung in the dodger area for the unmentionables… Four hours later, laundry done!

Remind me not to whine about laundromats

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