Our first week in Hope Town

Wow!  That was a trying trip south this year and I can’t express my happiness at being in one spot.  We have been enjoying some beautiful weather and catching up with our winter family.  Dan is back in his routine swimming at the island pool and hunting for lobsters.  I am back to volunteering up at Hope Town Primary School, taking long beach walks and sea glassing.

So, the other day Dan brought me up this pretty spiral shell.  He looked it over and brushed it off for me to put on my annual sea collection platter.  That evening we were sitting at the table and I thought I saw something move.  Couple minutes later I spotted a REALLY creepy creature crawling on the platter who, apparently, had been living in the shell!  Gross! Gross!  Had Dan send him back to the sea as I tried to not to think of all the places he could have ended up…  Really gotta check those shells!


Went hunting the other day and saw a  spot that Dan wanted to check out for lobsters.  Then we saw another dark spot and thought we’d anchor between them.  Except the other spot started moving!!!!  Big nurse shark!  They really aren’t interested in humans but thought maybe we should choose another spot….


Thanksgiving is coming up this week and there’s lots going on.  We’ll be sharing the day with other cruisers, enjoying an Art show and watching Hope Town’s annual box cart race.  Hope you all enjoy the day with delicious food and people you love!

Happy Thanksgiving!😎🌴🇧🇸⛵️

About cruisingwithcuttingclass

Taught for 30 years, now enjoying the cruising life from New England to the Bahamas!
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