Dinghy Trippin’

d1527f2e-05b2-41bc-8fd6-062bc9272adcWe had been waiting for a good day to head out for some lobster hunting and yesterday was the day!  Loaded up the dinghy with wetsuit, mask & snorkel, fins, etc…  we also bring the “look bucket (a joint compound bucket with a clear bottom) to pick out places for Dan to hop in and search.  When I say WE go hunting, I do hope you realize Dan is the one in the water and I am DINGHY GIRL!  I have a very important job.  I stay as close to Dan as possible without risking running him over, just in case any of the “unfriendly “ sharks.  I also hold the bucket out for him to slam dunk the lobsters.  Yesterday, his first dive in, he came up and said there were a couple of nurse sharks down on the bottom.  He is comfortable being in the water with them but they’re still pretty creepy!  Unlike the many days he finds the lobster in shallow areas, today he had to dive in about 15 feet of water.  We discovered many places where there were, unfortunately, no lobsters but eventually hit a good spot.  Yeah!!  He really worked hard but pulled up 4 good sized ones!!  Another mile or so north he went back to one of his old spots he likes to check and got one more!

We don’t think twice about going far in the dinghy on a light air, smooth sea day.  We had such a great day and went 4 miles to the next island (Man O War) and back.  Stocked the freezer!  Now what to do??  Coconut Curry Lobster???????????????



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Taught for 30 years, now enjoying the cruising life from New England to the Bahamas!
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