February fun – Bahama Style

Each year a group of Nashville Songwriters come to Hope Town for a week. Many write Grammy winning songs for all the big country singers. They play at several different venues, all for free (although they do pass the hat to benefit local charities). This day when we went to hear them at the Abaco Inn, they auctioned off a guitar signed by all the Songwriters. There was a bidding war and the bid got up to $12,000!! They told the two people that they would get a second guitar, have it signed and they could each have one! They raised $24,000.00 for Friends of the Environment in one afternoon!!! There certainly are visitors to the Bahamas with bigger pocketbooks than ours!

My friend Debra took this shot of a few of the “big guys” arriving while our local fisherman was cleaning fish at the marina. Don’t like to think about where they hide out when they’re not at the marina…

The sunsets just never get old here!

A good catch!

Happy Valentines Day❤️

Fun times with John, Debra and Willow at On da Beach

I got involved in the “Zero Waste Project” here in Hope Town. We cut out 195 bags all from donated scrap fabrics. Another few days I ironed straps (about 300) that will be sewn on the reusable grocery bags. Their goal is to eliminate one time use plastics.

My laundry pal

Really enjoying our winter here in the Bahamas. Our friend, Linda, is arriving in a couple days so hopefully we can be out sailing, doing the Abaco shuffle!! Only about a month left before we start thinking about crossing back to start the long trek home! 🌴😎⛵️🇧🇸⛱

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Taught for 30 years, now enjoying the cruising life from New England to the Bahamas!
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