Springtime heading north⛵️

As much as we loved our family time in Virginia, I was glad to leave behind the thick coat of yellow pollen on the water, boat and my lungs.  I really don’t remember it being that bad in previous years.  Somehow we are beating it up the coast at this point.

We were  going to take our time heading up to Annapolis but once again, saw some weather and big winds headed our way.  So instead we blew up there in two days, literally.  We finally had some decent sailing.  Lots of crab pots and fish traps to avoid but I do love seeing the classic fishing boats out on the Chesapeake.


We have great former cruising buddies who settled in Annapolis and offer their friendship and dock to us on our way north.  We always have a good time and lots of laughs there.


My walk in Annapolis was filled with signs of spring – bunnies, flowers, fog and blooming trees

We left Annapolis for Chesapeake City in the C&D Canal again blessed with some decent sailing.



We now sit in Cape May for at least three days awaiting lots of wind and rain.  We stay at a dock, off the beaten path, which is very protected and inexpensive.  This place is hopping in the summer but virtually empty besides us and the seagulls in early spring.

Here’s my morning walk in Wildwood/Cape May.  Just miles and miles of empty beach..

Cross your fingers, hopefully we’ll be on our way up to Atlantic City and Atlantic Highlands, NJ early this week!

About cruisingwithcuttingclass

Taught for 30 years, now enjoying the cruising life from New England to the Bahamas!
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