Uncle on the wind!!

Sailors are fickle when it comes to the wind.  We want some wind to get us going without using the engine but not so much that it overpowers us or kicks up the seas. We’d like it to be at an angle such that we’re flat enough to enjoy reading, making a cup of tea or doing chores down below.  I’m not fond of white knucklers- gripping the wheel or trying not to slide down the high side.  It’s not easy to get the perfect day and they seem to be few and far between as we enter New England.  Today, we sit for the second day on a mooring in Port Washington, Long Island, after a day of pouring rain and thunderstorms.  The winds are honking with gusts near 40 – not our kind of sailing day…  I’m so anxious to get home at this point.  Tomorrow the winds will be lighter and hopefully in a favorable direction to do the 84 mile, pre-dawn to dusk ride home.  Otherwise, we’ll stop somewhere on the Connecticut side and finish up on Monday.

Our perfect forecast for tomorrow-     Sunny, west wind 10-15, seas 1 foot.  Oh yeah, and could you make those temps in the 60’s??⛵️

Pics from this past week:


Got to see Erik while in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Lower Manhattan

Our friend, Shelley, came down from her Williamsburg apartment to take some pics.  With a rushing current, we swept by closely and were able to yell hellos!



NYC Governor’s mansion


Island where they quarantined Thypoid Mary


Our 161 million dollar prison barge off the East River, lovely…


Our speed through Hell Gate – not our record but pretty darn fast!


About cruisingwithcuttingclass

Taught for 30 years, now enjoying the cruising life from New England to the Bahamas!
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1 Response to Uncle on the wind!!

  1. Kimberly says:

    And I thought I was the only one who wanted winds that were just right – Goldilocks winds! Tomorrow’s forecast does look great for you two! Kimberly


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