“Relaxing” in Charleston

So, we were so happy to finally get to Charleston to “relax” after some challenging travel days.  A storm was forecast for last night.  Some weather apps said 10-20kts and some said gusts to 35kts from SE.  The 2nd pic shows that SE is off our port bow with land a couple of miles away but I stupidly thought if tied properly that max 35 kts would be ok.  Around 7pm the fetch from the SE (the opening to the marina) was surging larger and larger right off our port bow.  By 10 pm the boat was surging so much I could see the bottom, almost to the keel when the bow lifted and the red gas tank on the transom was 1/2 underwater and the bottom of the dinghy dropped to within a foot of the dock. The boat was a dangerous bucking bronco and I told Marcia I thought she would break free. She was safely in the empty marina building.  One of the dockhands came down at 10pm to check things. One of my lines had parted and the 2 bow lines were chaffing through.  With help, the bow lines were long enough to move them to fresh areas.  We replaced the broken line and added more lines to carry the load.  One of the massive dock cleats broke and the line went free so we tied a longer line to a distant dock cleat.  By 12:30 AM the wind shifted to the south and the surge started to let up.  By 3:30 AM the boat was out of danger.  I had brought two long cockpit cushions to the Marina building and grabbed two small pillows and some dry clothes along with our important papers and cash.  We both got a few hours of sleep in the Marina building between my alarms to check the boat.  This morning we were fine.  Not a scratch!  The broken dock cleat was on our cockpit floor but did no apparent damage.  Today we will try resting in Charleston, part II.   Dan

About cruisingwithcuttingclass

Taught for 30 years, now enjoying the cruising life from New England to the Bahamas!
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