Christmas in Cali🎄

After almost 2 months of hanging out in Vero Beach, it was finally time to leave for our California family Christmas adventure. We usually spend Christmas with our cruising family in Hope Town but this year we flew to see my brother, Steve and his wife, Amy in San Diego for a few days and then on to Upland to meet up with our son, Erik, his new wife, Kati and all of her family for Christmas.

Steve and Amy are great cooks and spoiled us badly! They also arranged for my cousin and her family to come for a gathering. It was wonderful to see them all!

Kati’s mom, Lynne, also welcomed us into her beautiful home and wined and dined us through Christmas. The weather was pretty lousy for Southern California but we made the best of it playing games, doing puzzles and squeezing in some hikes between rain showers.

As much as we love the Bahamas in the winter, NOTHING beats Christmas with family❤️🎄

Family affair! My brother, Steve and cousin, Sara

Will blog again soon now that we made it to the Bahamas. Inter is very poor in the harbor. Happy New Year to all!!😍⛵️🇧🇸

Christmas Day hike with Kati, Erik and Dan B.

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Taught for 30 years, now enjoying the cruising life from New England to the Bahamas!
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