Bahamas field trips

January is always the month that we get lots of cold fronts with lots of wind in the Bahamas. We take advantage of the days when the winds are calmer and we can get out of the harbor. Last week we were invited to go with some friends over to Marsh Harbor to Maxwells, the “big” grocery store. We jumped at that opportunity as we had seen very little good produce here at Hope Town. The boat is very cool, kind of resembling a grey Coast Guard boat. We were all successful in our shopping endeavor but it was sad to see the equally devastating landscape of Marsh Harbor.

This past weekend we headed south about 20 miles to Lynyard Cay and Little Harbor. It’s amazing how random Dorian’s path was. There was much less damage and their palms still had their fronds! We enjoyed one of our favorite dinghy adventures back in the Bight of Old Robinson – a trip only to be made at high tide as we learned several years ago… We had gone with friends Al & Michele and John & Carol in our individual dinghies. As we were enjoying the beauty back there, the tide went out and we ended up slogging through quick sand with the guys yanking the dinghies through the shallows like a scene in “the African Queen”. Anyway, it was truly beautiful going through the aqua water, seeing turtles, fish and rays.

Lunch at Pete’s Pub (virtually untouched) was a treat as was sea glassing the long beach at Lynyard.

Everyone is still working hard with the recovery here in Hope Town. Dan goes off on land projects each morning as I head to school. The hum of generators is a constant and many people are still not living in their own homes. The friendliness of the Bahamians is a constant and they are certainly making small steps in the new normal.

The sun is shining, I’m in shorts in the cockpit at 8 am. Life is good on Cutting Class!

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Taught for 30 years, now enjoying the cruising life from New England to the Bahamas!
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