A Little of Dis and Dat

There are so many individuals making small and large contributions to our Dorian devastated Hope Town. Locals, cruisers and volunteer groups work EVERY day still patching roofs and shingling. Six months after the storm and there’s still no power on the island. The buzz of generators and the sound of hammers and saws is the new norm. We work each day but also take time to be out on the water and enjoy time with friends.

The company “VANS”, which started out as a maker of canvas sneakers but now makes all kinds of clothing & accessories, came to donate items to all on the island. The owner of the company and his team came into our classroom at Hope Town Primary and did a short presentation about their products and had all the students come down to a lot to choose new sneakers, backpacks, socks, t-shirts, sunglasses and several accessories. You can imagine the excitement! Many of these kids had lost so much in the storm, it was such a treat to have something new!!! Right now there are no stores on the island for buying clothing. What a kind and generous donation by this company!!

Each winter, a group of the best Nashville Songwriters come to Hope Town to entertain and do some big time fundraising for the island. This is certainly a different kind of year but a few of them came anyway and played at the two restaurants that are open. They are such talented musicians and those evenings certainly helped raise everyone’s spirits!!

Dan still hunts when the winds are down and has been getting in his swim workouts many afternoons. I get a walk in whenever I can.

A couple more weeks here and we’ll be looking to head out of Hope Town and up to Green Turtle Cay. The hairdresser here is only doing cuts as her shop was destroyed by the storm. With that in mind, I got tired of wearing a hat every day and dared to use this “touch up” kit. Hoping that I look just like the girl on the box!

About cruisingwithcuttingclass

Taught for 30 years, now enjoying the cruising life from New England to the Bahamas!
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3 Responses to A Little of Dis and Dat

  1. Lynn Noyes says:

    Thank you for the update..missing you ❤️


  2. Greg Lutzen says:

    Bless you both for making your contribution to help the natives get back on their feet. Glad to see you are both well and enjoying retirement.


  3. Kitty & Scott Kuhner says:

    Your posts are so interesting & fun to see & read! Just sorry we can’t help in Hope Town too.


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