Carolina Cruising

Pushing our way north during this pandemic can be a bit tricky. So glad to be out of SC where they STILL haven’t locked things down! North Carolina, gratefully, seems to be taking things more seriously. We did an outside run from Wrightsville Beach to Beaufort/Morehead City to knock off about 70 miles. It was blowing in the 20’s all day and more on the nose than forecast so we were only able to sail a couple hours and motor sailed the rest. Choppy seas made for quite an ugly day… happy to have that leg done, we headed to Oriental, NC.

Did I mention it’s getting chilly?

I’ve been calling ahead to marinas as some are closed or not offering transient dockage. I made a reservation at River Dunes so we could take on water & diesel and get groceries delivered to the dock from their local Piggly Wiggly. We were quarantined to our transient dock, not allowed to go up to their main buildings or the neighborhood road. I walked several laps on the dock just to get some exercise.

We were appreciative of their distancing and hospitality!

As we continue north, our weather has been cooperative, so we should be in Virginia tomorrow. It will be so sad to not be able to visit with my sister and brother-in-law, Beth & Rich, who ordinarily come down from Williamsburg and pick us up for a night or two😟. This is a no socializing, move on home trip.

I hope you are all safe and nourishing your bodies and souls during this difficult time. We’ll be home in a few weeks – would you mind warming it up a bit??

About cruisingwithcuttingclass

Taught for 30 years, now enjoying the cruising life from New England to the Bahamas!
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